Create Autorun CD with 1st AutoRun Express

Add menu entries

Now you can add documents, folders and web sites to the menu.

Initially there are no items in the menu:

Add/edit autorun menu entries

Click Add documents to browse your computer for documents, or drag those documents from Explorer.

Edit autorun menu: drag documents from Explorer

If you select/drag one file, it will be automatically added to the menu. If you select/drag more than one document, when 1st AutoRun Express will ask you, what to do with them:

Edit autorun menu: select action for a group of selected/dragged documents

If you select Add a menu item for each file then each document will have its own entry in the autorun menu. If you select Put files into a folder, then you will choose new or existing folder to put all these documents and menu will display just that folder. If you select Just copy files, then files will be added to the autorun project, but not to the menu. This is useful for supplementary files.

For this tutorial we will click Add a menu item for each file.

Edit autorun menu: menu items added for each document

Now click Up arrow button to move January to the top and click Preview button to preview your autorun menu:

Autorun menu with one entry per document

Now let's see how you can add links and folders to the menu

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